Chris, Hiroshi, Mari, Ken, and Tommi Bohner-Miyachi

Andover, MA



Hi everyone! I'll be married to Hiroshi ten years in March and I now have three children (I know, I can't believe it either!). Mari, 5, Ken, 3, and Tommi, 6 weeks as of 1/18/98. Hirosohi and I live a boring life in Andover MA where Hiroshi works in the semiconductor business and I work as an EE (elect. eng.) in the graphics arts world (I work for IRIS Graphics). I do get to take cool business trips to Disney and Warner Brothers once in a while but mostly, life is a grind with work and the kids.

My athletic career did not end with college. I became a certified aerobics instructor over ten years ago and I'm now a certified personal trainer. For those of you who remember my class at UofR, I also am very involved in yoga.

Hiroshi and are going on our 14 year together and now have three
children. I work for Xerox as a software architect for their embedded
controllers. I just graduated from MIT with dual masters in management
(from Sloan) and systems engineering. Check out the robot I made for an
AI course at MIT.

Kids are all consuming right now so we live a rather boring life of
work, kids, sleep, work, kids, sleep....




The Family

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