Mark Giuliano

Baltimore, MD



I left Rochester in the Fall of 84. Since then I have lived

in Maryland and Washington DC. From 84 to 90 I went to graduate

school at College Park Maryland. In 90 I finished a PhD in Computer

Science and got a job developing planning and scheduling software

for the Hubble Space Telescope. The job is quite fun as I get to

apply AI search techniques to all sorts of problems. Until last

year I was teaching a class a semester at Johns Hopkins (my

institute is on the Hopkins campus). Last year I quit teaching

to spend more time with the family.


In 1989 I got married to Cathy Raab, A 83 UR English major.

We have two boys. Elijah is 2 1/2 years old and prefers cats

and power shovel trucks. Jonah is 6 months old and is learning

to crawl (and sleep). Jonah's birth was one of my most exciting

life experiences. We had planned on a home birth with a midwife.

However, the midwife did not make it on time and I delivered the



We live in suburban Baltimore.


When I first moved down here I met a bunch of musicians at a jam party

at Tony Breyers (He was some kind of engineer in the class of 83). I played

for a bunch of years in a wedding outfit (making some money while I was in

school). I then did a stint with a blues band for a couple of years. We played

in some scary (i.e. redneck) clubs out in the sticks of Maryland (typical patron:

Hey man you are great but you should play some skynard).


For the last six years I have been playing in a band called

Face the Fish. We play rock, blues, folk, and Jazz. We have

about 35 original songs (about a half dozen by me) and gig in

suburban DC about 6 times a year. Our next gig is December 6th

at the Olde Towne Tavern In Gaithersburg Md. Come see us

if you can.

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