Mike Wiener

Charlottesville, Virginia




Most excellent to see the omega site; it's very nice to see and read

about old friends (even Lewy, I guess). As far as updates, where has

all of the time gone, etc.:

On the 'career' side of things: after working in a lab during UR days, I

set off on the path of science. Went to Carnegie Mellon University and

got M.S. Physics, Ph.D. Physics & Biophysics. Then it was 7+ years in

California doing several postdoctoral gigs - 3yrs at University of

California, Irvine, and 4yrs at University of California, San

Francisco. Bob Segura found me there in SF during one of his 'safety'

visits; suffice it to say that there is some overlap between

UR-omega-era amusements and that which can be found in the Haight.

Since September 1996, I've been in Charlottesville, VA - where I have a

faculty position in the University of Virginia Medical School (anyone so

interested in what I do can check my website). This is a nice place and

a nice job, where God, grants and tenure willing, we could be for a

while. The notion of some degree of potential stability is pretty odd.

A moderately surreal experience was being offered a position at UR - but

you just can't go home again...


On the personal side, as some of you perhaps know, I married Anne

Schwartz - the woman I met and went out with during most of the UR

years. After 7 or so years of being the boyfriend who would not make a

commitment, we were wed in 1987, so it will be 11 years of marriage in

July (yikes!). We have three kids (Simon,7; Naomi,4; Talia,5months).

They all have my last name, as the notion of tagging kids with

Schwartz-Wiener (hmmmmmm, meet the black-penis children ...) doesn't

seem like much of a start in life. [As if my name is particularly

festive...]. I suggested that we could alternate last names among them

or flip a coin, but these notions were vetoed by my (now) better fifth,



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