Matt Kaplan

Hoboken, NJ

After graduation from the wonderful world of the U of R and Omega, I went way out west for three years of law school at Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. And three years is more than enough time to be away from the New York area.

My first year out of law school I clerked for a the very cool Judge Anthony Sciuto, who in an earlier life played drums with Joey Dee & The Starlighters of "Peppermint Twist" fame. He thought it was a good thing that I was going out five nights a week to see bands play as long as I dragged my ass into work by 8:30 am evey day.

When it came time for me strike out on my own I went into Entertainment Law because that was the only thing that I had any inclination for and Judge Sciuto was totally into me getting better deals then he had gotten back in the early 6T's. I lucked out with my first real client a group called Monsterland because I got them a deal with Atlantic Records. Since then I've worked with loads of cool indie/alternative bands, a couple of rap acts and some R&B. My two latest major label signings are The Mommyheads (Geffen Records) and Helen Love (Sire Records) and I'm about to do a deal for the Scottish based Chemikal Underground label. By the way I'm always looking for new cool bands to work with so if any of you know of a good band send them my way.

What else, over the years I've written for a number of magazines and publications including my own fanzine "Share The Modern World With Me" as well as the latest edition of the Trouser Press Record Guide. Between 1990 and 1996, I did a weekly radio show on WFDU-FM which was called "Pure Pop For Fidgety People". Yes, I got to warp the musical minds of a generation.

More important than any of that is the fact that I'm about to get MARRIED!!! Her name is Jill Cohen and she a Manager of Video Production at Atlantic Records. We met when she was working on one of my band's videos. Not only has she accepted to marry me but she is also willing to have my record collection move in with us, which is no small thing because along with me comes 3,000 albums, 4,000 7" singles and about 3,500 compact discs. Back to the wedding, it will be on November 22, 1997 and my best man will be fellow Omega Class of '86 member Bill Campbell. For those of you who do not know, Bill has been living in London since graduation, where he is running a successful art restoration, framing and mounting business. Landon Wickham, a non-Omega but a U of R graduate, is also a member of the wedding party.


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